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omnibus.jpg (1500878 bytes) Omnibus is a Classics magazine produced twice-yearly with a main target audience of UK sixth-form students (ages 16-19). The articles, well-illustrated with colour photographs, cover a wide range of Classical subjects of general interest, with some emphasis on topics studied for examination purposes in the Classical languages, Classical Civilisation and Ancient History.

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The Destruction of Troy and the Adventures of Odysseus [DVD]

Destruction of Troy DVD Available in both Modern Greek and English 19.99 each

Animated - Homer’s epic poem of the warrior king Odysseus, his siege of Troy and his drama-filled return to Ithaca, endures as the greatest tale of adventure and heroism. This superbly animated series is now available as a feature length film. It is a story that will thrill the young, and the young at heart. Taken from the Channel 4 series.



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Learn Greek Modern Greek language books and teachers:

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Latin Scrabble

Latin Scrabble IN LATIN ~ We also now have in stock 'Scrabble' in Latin, at 24.99



Akapnou.jpg (35520 bytes) An opportunity to rent an absolutely beautiful traditional village house in the village of Akapnou, nestling in the foothills above Limassol. Fantastic for bird-watchers and hikers. About 2kms away is the Vikla Golf and Country Club where all are welcome.The villa sleeps up to 6 persons, with private 10-metre-long swimming pool. Contact Monica Williams for further information.


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