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Atticus.jpg (17415 bytes) Atticus the Storyteller is determined to take part in the great Storytelling Festival near Troy. He leaves his family in Crete and sets off on a year-long journey round Greece with his donkey, Melissa; and wherever he goes he tells his favourite myths to anyone who'll listen. The 100 myths include all the favourites, such as the wanderings of Odysseus, the labours of Heracles, the stories of King Midas, Daedalus and Icarus, and Theseus and the Minotaur. Atticus's journey takes the reader to all the sites of the myths and gives a captivating glimpse of how life was lived in Ancient Greece. This is an unparalleled introduction to the Greek myths for younger children, excitingly told, wonderful to read aloud, and illustrated on every opening with lively, engaging, colourful pictures full of authentic detail. In Orion's tradition of extra-large great-value story books, this is an outstandingly good resource for every family.    9.99


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Black Ships before Troy, by Rosemary Sutcliffe. A retelling of the classic, epic poem, "The Iliad". It offers younger readers an introduction to the heroes of ancient Greece whilst providing the complete story of the siege of Troy.aperback. 127 pp. for children aged 8 and over. 8.99



Greekmyths.jpg (49663 bytes)  Greek myths for young children. Marcia Williams Features eight myths such as Perseus the Gorgon-slayer, Orpheus and Eurydice and the feather-clad fliers Daedalus and Icarus. Each tale is accompanied by cartoon illustrations.thin paperback. 40pp. Reading age range children under 7 -10 years old. 5.99



  Adele Geras - Troy TROY by Adele Geras. Short listed for the Whitbread Childrens book of the year award.The Siege of Troy has lastsed almost ten years, and the citizens are suffering. Prince Hector is risking his life daily, defending his beloved city from the terryfiying Achiles and the rest of the Greek army. But life does on on within the walls. This is the story of two devoted sisters. Xanthe and Marpessa both servants in the royal palaces of Troy. Marpessa is a strange, silent girl who can see and speak to the gods. She relies on her stronger sister, sweet-natured Xanthe. But when the Goddess, Aphrodite grows bored with the war, the bond between the pair is broken - for the Goddeses of Desire decides it would be amusing to make them both fall in love with the same man, the young warrior Alastor. The gripping story of Marpessa and Xanthe unfolds against backdrop of legendar characters - Helen, Paris, Aphrodite and the whole company of the gods. For the sisters, love seems everything - but they are living on borrowed time. highly thought of book. Recommended to us by our classics teachers. 5.99


Greek Myths -'Ylysses' and the Trojan WarGreek Myths. Ulysses and the Trojan War   Personally, I am not a great fan of books which call Odysseus "Ulysses"; it just doesn;t seem right, somehow. That, however, shouldn;t detract from a this able retelling of Homer's famous stories of war. Magic and adventure in the ancient world are re-told for children using modern language. Follow the Greek army to the siege of Troy, where bravery and horror on the battlefield combine with Ulysses' wit and cunning..small hardback.For children aged 8 and over. usborne minature editions. Illustrated by Jeff Anderson.160 pp. small hardback. 4.99


Greek Myths for ChildrenGreek myths. Usborne  The Greek myths are timeless stories, full of brave heroes, terrifying monsters, powerful gods and goddesses, battles and greatadventures. This book contains a collection of Greek myths, retold in a way suitable for young children to listen to and understand.small hardback. for children aged 4 and over.Illustrated by Linda Edwards. Usborne minature editions.128 pp; an extremely tidy tome, at an extremely affordable price.4.99



Greek Myths and Legends Illustrated Guide to Greek Myths and Legends by Cheryl Evans and Anne Millard. Identifies the gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters of Greek mythology, recounts the most famous stories, and briefly describes Greek history and culture.With uillustations by Rodney Matthews.published by usborne. small papeback. pp. 63 including index,. Age group children aged eleven and over. 7.99



Pompeii by Peter Connolly Pompeii. Peter Connolly This book describes the events of the greatest natural disaster in European history - the destruction in AD 79 of Pompeii by the long dormant volcano Vesuvius. The violent eruption of Mount Veuvius on 24th august AD 79 was one of the greatest natural disasters of all time. Thousands of people were suddenly entomed in the town of Pompeii, taken by surprise as a layer of ash and pumice, many metres thick, rained down on top of them from the long-dormant volcano. uncovered nearly 2000 years later. Pompeii gives ua a fascinating record of everyday roman life.In this stunning book, Peter Connolly recreates in his artwork and text every detail of the lives of the people of Pompeii. Their houses, shops, baths, theatres and more are brough vividly to life.reprint 2003. paperback 6.99


The Ancient City by Peter ConnollyThe ancient city. Life in Classical Athens and Rome. Peter Connolly  This volume is a compendium of the previous titles "On the Threshold of History", "The Greeks", and "The Romans". UK Table of Contents: PART I: ATHENS; 1. The Golden Years - Athens in the fifth century BC; 2. The Keys to Survival - The city's defences, and food and water supplies; 3. The Cradle of Democracy - The workings of the world's first democracy; 4. Daily Life - Life in fifth-century BC Athens; 5. Work - Earning a living in Athens; 6. The Houses of Athens - Athenian domestic architecture; 7. Temples for the Gods - Athenian religious buildings; 8. A Festival for Athena - Celebrations and sports for Athena's birthday; 9. The Theatre - Athenian drama: the world's first plays; PART II: ROME; 1. The Site of Rome - Rome before the Empire; 2. The Imperial City - The transformation of Rome during the reign of Augustus; 3. Government - Roman law and the civil service; 4. Food and Water - Aqueducts and the ports of Rome; 5. Houses and Apartments - Roman houses for rich and poor; 6. Daily Life - Life in Rome in the first and second centuries AD; 7. Shops, Bars and Restaurants - Commercial activity in Rome; 8. Many Gods - Religion and worship; 9. A Day at the Races - Chariot racing at the Circus Maximus; 10. The Theatre - Farce, parody and other aspects of Roman drama; 11. The Colosseum - Gladiatorial games at Rome's arena complex; 12. A New Palace - The great palace complex of Domitian; 13. The Age of Apollodorus - The golden age of Roman architecture under Trajan's chief architect; 14. The Great Baths - Roman imperial thermae (heated baths); 15. The City in Late Antiquity - Rome after the time of Hadrian new edition of children's ancient history. paperback.2001. 14.99


Ancient Greece of Odysseus - ConnollyThe ancient greece of odysseas. Peter Connolly An illustrated retelling of two epic tales following the fortunes of Odysseus, the craftiest of the Greek commanders, interspersed with fascinating information on the true history of Troy. Paperback. First published as ~The legend of Odysseas". this ed. 2001. 6.99



The Cavalryman by Peter ConnollyThe Cavalryman. Peter Connolly Book depicting the life and times of a Roman cavalryman; superbly illustrated as you'd expect from Peter Connolly's excellent children's books. 6.99




The Legionary by Peter Connolly THE LEGIONARY. Tibirius Claudius Maximus. Peter Connolly Another superb depiction, this time of the life of the very real Tiberius Claudius Maximus. 6.99




The Roman Fort The Roman Fort. Peter Connolly Everything the inquisitive young mind may wish to know about Roman fortifications. Another wonderful book for Mr Connolly. 6.99




The 12 Labours of Heracles The twelve labours of Heracles. Series Ancient Greek myths. Written by James Ford. How nice to see the Greek hero, Heracles, called by his proper name for a change! It makes on believe that the author knows his subject matter, which he most certainly does. Interest Age Range. 7-11. paperback with superb colour illustrations,. .Illustrated by Peter Rutherford., . 32 pp. including glossary. 2005. 5.99




The Voyages of OdysseusThe Voyages of odysseus. Series Ancient Greek myths. Written by Sue Reid  Another in this excellent series of mythology books. Interest Age Range. 7-11. paperback with superb colour illustations.Illustrated by mark Bergin. 32 pp. including glossary. 2005. 5.99




The Wanderings of Odysseus by Rosmary SutcliffeThe Wanderings of Odysseus: The Story of the Odyssey by Rosemary Sutcliffe.  Illustrated by Alan Lee.Homer's epic poem "The Odyssey" is transformed by Rosemary Sutcliff into a traveller's tale with a spectacular cast of magiciansand monsters. This book is a sequel to her story of the Trojan War entitled "Black Ships Before Troy". paperback. 119. pp. children aged 9 and over. 8.99




Theseus and the MinotaurTheseus and the Minotaur. Series Ancient Greek myths. Written by James Ford  Be prepared to be scared...very the nicest possible bull! Well only half of one, as Cretan Minotaur meets Athenian prince. Interest Age Range. 7-11. paperback with superb colour illustrations,. .Illustrated by Gary Andrews . 32 pp. including glossary. 2004. 5.99




The Wooden Horse of Troy The Wooden Horse of Troy. Series Ancient Greek myths., Written by John Malam. Interest Age Range. 7-11. paperback with superb colour illustrations,. .Illustrated by Gary Andrews . 32 pp. including glossary. 2004. 5.99




Greek and Roman Goddesses The British Museum Dictionary of greek and Roman Goddesses . Richard Woff.  A fully illustrated reference to the gods and and goddesses of classical antiquity. Compiled for use by both children and adults, italso highlights other important supernatural beings, such as the Muses, Fates and Furies. All entries are cross-referred in alphabetical order. small hardback 48 p. 6.99


Caroline Lawrence novels for the younger reader. 5.99 each.

The Thieves of Ostia

The Thieves of Ostia. Book 1 of the series Roman Mysteries. Caroline Lawrence. Flavia Gemina is brilliant at finding things, so it's natural for her to solve mysteries. The daughter of a ship's captain living in Ostia,the port of Rome, in AD 79, she acquires a gang of three friends who help her work out who severed the heads of the watchdogs that
guard people's home. 208pp, 197 x 128mm, 190g, 2 Maps paperback. Book 2 in the serie
s of The Roman Mysteries. Age group 9 and over.


The Secrets of Vesuvius


The secrets of Vesuvius. Book 2 of the series Roman Mysteries.Caroline Lawrence. It's the summer of AD 79 and Flavia Gemina and her three friends Jonathan, Nubia and Lupus go off to Pompeii to stay with Flavia'suncle. They are on the brink of solving a murder mystery when Vesuvius erupts and they have to flee for their lives. The second of the Roman Mysteries is a thrilling adventure tht tell you just what it was like to live in Ancient rome 224pp, 197 x 129mm, 211g, Illustrations, Maps



The Pirates of Pompeii


The Pirates of Pompeii. Book 3 of the Roman Mysteries. Caroline Lawrence. Third title in this unique fiction series Ancient Rome a hot favourite Authentic detail Great storytellingAppealing theme of four friends.. It;s late August A.D 79. The Roman World is reeling from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius Volcanic ash covers the land, sunsets are blood-red and the sea gives up corpses of the dead. 208pp, 197 x 129mm, 200g, Age group 9 and over.


The Assassins of Rome


Assassins of Rome. Book 4 in the Roman Mysteries Series. Caroline Lawrence. In this title, the fourth Roman Mystery takes the four friends to Rome on a dangerous assignment.224pp, 198 x 129mm, 210g, 2 Maps paperback . Age group 9 and over.



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The Dolphins of Laurentum. 5th book in the Roman Mysteries Series. Caroline Lawrence. AD 79. The arrival of a ragged man at the Geminus household sets in motion a series of events which take Flavia and her three friends to a villa by the sea at Laurentum, a few miles south of Ostia. Just off the coast is a sunken wreck full of treasure. But
someone else is after the treasure, too. Fifth title in this unique fiction series Fifth title in this unique fiction series.224pp, 197 x 129mm, 215g, Maps. Age group 9 and over.


The Twleve Tasks of Flavia Gemina


The Twleve Tasks of Flavia Gemina. 6th book in the series of Roman Mysteries. Caroline Lawrence.It is December AD 79. In the Roman port of Ostia braziers are lit, hot spiced wine is brewed and soft fur covers are brought out from cedarwood storage chests. It's the season of Saturnalia, a pagan festival where anything can happen. 224pp, 198 x 129mm, 205g, 2 Maps . paperback. 6th book in the series of Roman Mysteries. Age group 9 and over.

The Enemies of Jupiter


The Enemies of Jupiter. 7th book in the series of The Roman Mysteries. Caroline Lawrence .February, AD 80. An imperial messenger summons Jonathan's father to Rome, where the fever which started in Ostia is now threatening to become a plague. Jonathan and his three friends go, too, and need to use all their skills to solve a dangerous mystery
for the Emperor Titus. 215pp, 200 x 130mm, 217g, 2 Maps paperback Age group 9 and over



The Gladiators from Capua

The Gladiators from Capua. 8th vol in the series of The Roman Mysteries. Caroline Lawrence.  In this title, gladiators are the theme of the eighth 'Roman Mystery'. 224pp, 197 x 128mm, 212g, 3 Maps paperback. Age group 9 and over



The Colussus of Rhodes


The Colossus of Rhodes. 9th vol in the series of The Roman Mysteries. Caroline Lawrence. Presents a continuation of the series of adventure stories set in Ancient Rome. 224pp, 195 x 126mm, 211g, paperback 2005. Age group 9 and over.


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