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Well, we're getting there, at last!. Have a look at the on-line pages, below, which are nearing completion. The rest of the classics pages are due on the dates given. SJ

Children's books We have a new, as yet somewhat embryonic, page of books on classical themes for children. Click the image to go there.



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Greek Texts 


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CD Roms

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Greek Lexicons

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Greek Grammars

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Latin Grammars

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Latin Dictionaries

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Latin Texts

To follow (April 30th 2006)

Videos  Most of the videos we stock can now be ordered securely

Greek Texts  Embryonic but getting there, due for completion by the end of September 2002

Greek Grammars  Not complete yet, but it shall be very soon.

Greek Lexicons Only five of these, so it's complete.

CD ROMS These are few and far between too, at the mo, but it will be a huge page in the near future

Latin Grammars  Around about 100 books for learning Latin, for all ages.

Latin Dictionaries  20 or so Latin dictionaries for all levels and requirements.


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